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ECI’s real time tracking
platform for political parties

  The Commission has from time to time prescribed additional particulars to be furnished by applicant parties. The Commission has further reviewed the system and process of registration of political parties, and has now decided to implement “Political Parties Registration Tracking Management System” (PPRTMS) through an online portal, to facilitate tracking of status of application by applicants.

  The salient feature in the Political Parties Registration Tracking Management System is that the applicant, who is applying for party registration from 1st January, 2020 onwards will be able to track the progress of his / her application and will get status updates through SMS and email. The applicant is required to provide contact mobile number and email address of the party / applicant in his application if he/she wishes to track the progress of the application. The new guidelines will be effective from 1st January, 2020.

PPRT Tracking Application System

Secure and dual verification login
for political Parties applicant

Political Party Applicant

View Status of their own application on the basis of dual verification

  • OTP verification

    Applicant will get OTP on registered mobile number.

  • Application details verification

    After OTP verification applicants need to submit below detail.

    • Application Number
    • or
    • Party Name
    • Date of Formation
dual verification image

Non accessible to other than
political parties Applicants

Nobody can check the application status without OTP and Application details.
Dual verification required for application status tracking.

Real time status of each actions
taken by ECI Officials

Eci will received the application and digitized the application. At the time of application digitization, applicant will receive application number in the SMS and email. They can also track the status of the application on this website. Applicant will see some initial status on the status tracking page.

  • Received in ECI
  • Acknowledgement of Application
  • Time Barred

In the next communication process applicant will see below status of the application.

  • Shortcoming/Defect
  • Communication received
  • Publish Public Notices in Newspapers
  • Hearing Scheduled
  • Name change
  • After Hearing Defect

Final status of the application

  • Registered
  • Rejected
  • Closed


tracking application system
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